On Death and Market Research

Today’s update: it looks like she’s getting close.  I’m wrestling with the need to keep up on life and the urge to go spend time with my family, but the former won for this weekend. I’ve some pretty excessive neck pain from driving too much, and another 14 hours on the road this weekend wouldn’t be doing me any favors.

A note on being a ridiculous entrepreneur: my experience of grief has me wanting to write a book on it, because I’ve never read a book that covers how I’m feeling. I also know that my inner flighty entrepreneur wants to do all the things, so (while I’m halfway thinking about just saying ‘fuck it’ and writing up a book proposal) I’m putting this idea in my journal. The grief and the thoughts need to come out. I also don’t need any more work right now.

In other news, a new post on the Professional Catalyst blog about Market Research.

With Oh Happy Plants, my research often walks right up to me. I also get a lot of questions and the answer is sometimes “Well, I’m actually starting a business about that. Can I ask you some questions about what you need help with?”

The two main tips I have are to always be providing value to others, and to really think about human psychology as you plan out your research phases. More in the post. Enjoy!

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