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We are SO GLAD you’re here! Whether you’re just starting to build a business or you’ve been killing it for years, Professional Catalyst is here to help!

We know your time is valuable, so here’s the quick and dirty:


Professional Catalyst’s Small Business Solutions branch offers consulting and coaching for small business owners and their teams. Our main focus is learning the foundations of human motivation, and then transforming this information into practical, easy-to-apply solutions for your business.

So let’s get down to it. What can Professional Catalyst help with?


Idea Generation. You know you want to work for yourself, but aren’t sure what to do. We offer brainstorm sessions and deep-dive coaching so you can sort out the tangle of thoughts in your busy mind.

Market Research Guidance. You have the idea but know you need to figure out exactly who you’ll sell it to. We provide coaching and consulting to train your thinking and guide you through the process. Market research isn’t just research with us – this is the first step to building a loyal customer base!

Business Building Support. Here’s where we dig into the process. This largely falls under the ‘consulting’ umbrella – we provide you guidance on the steps to take to build your business. Coaching support is also included when you need to work through mental blocks (imposter syndrome, self-value/money issues, fear of failure/success, etc). We say “when,” not ‘if,’ for a reason – we’ve all got some little beasties in our closet!

Marketing Consultation. This is a very specific piece of the previous topic and usually what people have the most trouble with. We guide you through narrative marketing, relying on many resources to guide your word choice and message. This covers many arenas but focuses on the psychology-based elements of marketing: how do you craft your message to best serve your customer?

Business Growth. Is it time to make your first hire or build your team? Be intentional with your hiring process by discovering how to complement your leadership style, communicate with different personalities, and take full advantage of your team’s strengths.  Is it time to find a commercial space for your business? We’ll help you work through leasing considerations, tackle internal fear about expansion and commitment, and get creative about what your business could look like!

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What are others saying about Professional Catalyst?

Veronica is very engaged and listens well, and those two traits go a long way in the quality of results she is able to produce as a coach.  Her suggestions are very practical and are laid out in simple to follow steps.”

I came to Veronica with a new business idea I have and at time where I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Veronica and I didn’t have much back and forth beforehand. I was pleasantly surprised with how well we clicked, Veronica is very warm and it’s apparent she has a wealth of knowledge. She gave me very tangible and solid ideas I hadn’t thought of and helped me sort through all of my jumbled thoughts. As someone who has done webinars and courses from “experts” where I didn’t see any value, I was really happy to see how much value was provided in an hour call.

Veronica is an expert in business development and I cannot recommend her enough!”


At Professional Catalyst we strive to measure every action against the following code:
  1. We maintain a growth mindset. “I can’t” becomes “How could I…?”
  2. We take aim intentionally and we measure every action against that aim.
  3. We strive to act in small positive ways whenever there is a choice, knowing that small actions build.
  4. And above all, we believe that everything that impacts our lives is our responsibility, no matter the source. We know that this is the most optimistic way to engage with the world.

We encourage our clients to build their own ethical code. How do you engage the world?

How could you engage the world?


Professional Catalyst
You’ll get it done. We can help.