Get Scrappy :)

Holy hell. This is a PROJECT.

I just spent an hour shooting video. Most of it will be tossed in the garbage and I’m okay with that – I expected to suck right off the bat. Heck, I expect to continue to be terrible at this whole thing for a while, and that’s okay. Shoot lots of footage, cut most of it.

The trick will be to commit to the failure.

I’ve got to lean into this. HARD. Be okay with digging through the trash and finding the tiny bits of gold, because I know there’s enough there. I need about four minutes of this to be good – the rest I’m going to voice-overlay from a proper script on top of video of the plant (I had two cameras running, one on the plant) or onto photos I’ll insert.

Right now, though? I’m figuring a workaround for the fact that my phone and computer aren’t playing well together. My main video – 45 minutes long – won’t import via cable (apparently fucking Apple doesn’t allow that – they want to make me pay for iCloud space or some idiocy). I chopped it up and now my phone won’t play well with my computer and just isn’t importing it. Uploading it to drive is taking ages (or maybe just not working?).

I’m ready to break shit. I have zero patience for tech issues.

So it’s time to ignore that and get some ridiculousness going. You know that second camera? Well, I didn’t have a proper tripod mount for it. The workaround?

Tent stakes and painter’s tape!

It worked just fine and gave me a second angle of the plant, so any time I fuck up royally I can just dub over the audio with whatever I want. All that’s visible is hands and plant (except for when I stuck my face in the plant, because obviously I had to…).

Anyway – here’s the whole thing. The ‘wood’ wall is a photo backdrop, the shoji screens are hiding a bunch of garage-y nonsense (and were scavenged from my partner’s move, same with the benches), the rug hides the stained concrete floor, and TA-DA! Instant living room!

For reference, it looks pretty good zoomed in:


I have to go because if I stay at a computer right now I’m going to burn everything to the ground because of this goddamn video not uploading.

Really, I came here to tell you to never ever EVER give up. If I’m not allowed to, you aren’t either. You can always edit the cursing out later 😀

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