“Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem.”

Seth Godin



Do you have a bulletproof marketing plan? Or do you have a stack of business cards and the vague idea that you should be handing them out while talking to people? Trouble is, you have no idea what to say!

Is marketing your worst enemy? Or your best friend?

You know you should be doing it – but you have a hard time pinpointing exactly what “it” is. You know it involves presenting your business to customers. But you don’t know where to start!

Start with us.

With Professional Catalyst coaching, you’ll rapidly learn marketing fluency.

You’ll learn a psychology-backed, customer-centric marketing framework that will show you how to:

  • talk to your customer about their needs
  • define and locate your ideal customer

You’ll also understand:

  • how to add value to your product simply by introducing the right concepts, and
  • how to clarify your message for the highest impact
Discover the inner workings of your customer’s mind.

Learn how to correctly identify your customer’s motivations, then position yourself as the best possible solution. Because our methods are backed in hard science, they have been proven effective countless times. You don’t have thousands of hours to dedicate to marketing research, but you deserve to shine. Professional Catalyst does the research. You reap the reward.

Marketing is about helping people solve their problems.

Your customers need your product, which means they need you to become a stellar marketer.

Don’t let your customers down.

Instead, build yourself up.

Yes, I’m ready!


Professional Catalyst

You’ll get it done. We can help.