Progress is a pile of molasses

Most everyone will understand a piece of what I’m saying here. Forward progress in your business can be annoyingly slow and hard won.

I feel you.

Last weekend I was all set to do amazing things – then Wednesday I got some weird illness that totally wiped my energy (and strangely enough, it started in my ears of all places – no other sinus congestion, just feeling like I was underwater with intense dizziness to boot. Like an amusement park had taken up residence in my eardrums. Totally fun). So I made the blanket decision to do as much as my body would let me, and to take a LOT of naps. Then Sunday the flu set in big time – joint aches (like, in my TOES, even – everything in my body hurt!), chills/fever, sore throat, headache, the whole nine. So instead of working on my projects I was in bed at 7pm.

Another whole weekend gone, with just a few bits of progress to show for it.

Enter: Monday. I push myself to work, because there’s no one to cover for me and if I don’t do my job, it dies. My boss knows I’ll take care of things and also myself, which I end up doing – can barely stay awake on the road I’m so fatigued, so I wrap up what I absolutely have to accomplish and head home for a nap.

Nap complete, so I putter around and set up my growing area (the first of many, I’m sure). It’s just a wire rack in front of a window with an articulatable grow light clipped on one side.

I was going to put in a photo of it but WordPress isn’t uploading the file. Moving on; I don’t have time for this crap!

Next thing: as the file was wasn’t uploading, I discovered who my houseguest is! The creature living in my crawlspace is none other than a massive raccoon. It actually makes some pretty cute noises. I’ll name him Cuthbert, because I need to know who to address the eviction notice to (will be buying a big ol’ raccoon trap this afternoon!). Add that to the list of ridiculous nonsense that is my life.

Okay. Anyway. Back to the point. Slow as molasses. You want to know what else molasses has going for it?

It’s sticky as FUCK. And sticky is contagious.

Yep. Gets on absolutely everything until you wash anything remotely near the mess with hot water.  Why the hell is this relevant, though?

Because that’s your game.

Slow, sure. But you aren’t going to stop. And every little second you have enough energy to move your business forward, you take one little step. You’re obsessed with the idea and can’t stop thinking about it. You keep finding hurdles, but you approach them with a flamethrower, because jumping over every single one is for schmucks 😉 You have a million setbacks, but you keep moving forward.

Just a little bit of progress every day. That’s all it takes.

What will you do today?


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