Never accept defeat (or difficulty)!

Alright, the start of last weekend had me avoiding my project and instead getting mired in the weeds of stupid Google add-ons.

Stupid add-ons that didn’t work.

I found out that not only is Google Slides absolute GARBAGE for creating a slide deck, it comes with 3 font options, no way to upload your own fonts, and their add-on (extensis fonts) wasn’t adding on. It’d tack itself on to Docs, but not Slides. So I’m sitting there with this fabulous option in front of me if I want brand cohesion: Type everything out in Docs, then copy and paste to sheets.

Fuck. That. Noise.

The beautiful thing about the world today is that near every piece of software you can even think of needing has already been created! The other beautiful thing?

If you build your pack of fellow entrepreneurs, they’ll expose you to fantastic solutions to things – completely on accident!

Enter: Canva.

At the meeting Sunday, one of these women asked about ‘that app for creating Instagram posts.’ Another said Canva, and I was like “that’s what Amy Porterfield uses!”  I had it buried in my list of software to check out, because Instagram will be my main social media tool for Oh Happy Plants.

Then Monday evening I checked it out (read: was avoiding my slide deck because it was hard/frustrating/stuck), realized that it solves ALL OF MY PROBLEMS WITH SLIDE DECKS, including the ability to import fonts, create branded color sets, etc. Plus the magical social media creation tools.

Canva, take my money!

Now I’m creating gorgeous slides, IG posts, and visuals for Facebook. And it’s so freakin’ easy!  It’s even fun!

This is a great time to remind myself that this business is going to feel good. I knew that at the start because it’s based on a serious passion (obsession?), and throughout it keeps drawing me back in. The ideas keep pouring out, and they’re all useful to move me forward (and if you’re an entrepreneur, you know about having too many ideas and not being able to use most of them!).

So I’d like to ask you: what if all of the work you do in your business was TOTALLY EXCITING? How would that feel?

You can make that reality!

Question time – get out your journal!

What are you stuck on right now? List everything, then address each separately.

Does the underlying project light you up?
If not, do you have to do it?
What else could you do to get the same result?

If the project does light you up but you’re still feeling resistance, you probably have a tool or process issue.  How could you change your actions to make this feel better?

Let’s insert Tim Ferriss’ favorite question:

What would this look like if it were easy?


Right now is a great time to think about writing down your processes. You, my friend, are NOT going to be doing everything in your business forever. You WILL hire an assistant at the very least, or a full staff, or build your business into an empire. That part is up to you. What you are NOT authorized to do is let this business become your new 9-5, complete with the obligations and daily slog through tasks that you really don’t enjoy.

So! How do you aim yourself toward freedom in these early stages?

Write out your processes! At this point I’m collecting all of the info for the physical tasks within my business (site maintenance, copywriting, course creation, social media curation, free content, etc) as well as all of the products I use (MailChimp, WordPress, Canva, Mighty Networks, Stripe, etc). I need to have all of this info in one place with an explanation of how I use each product, because I’ll need an easy way to loop my assistant in on everything.

I’ll also be creating screen-capture videos of my process for creating new content, setting up mass emails, etc, so that when I need to train I have the majority of the ‘training’ ready to go.

Also, I’ve decided that the main attributes in a hire will be the ability and willingness to learn and grow, as well as personality compatibility and ability to adapt to my writing style and adopt my brand aesthetic. Yeah, they need to be tech-savvy, but I don’t care about familiarity with the programs.

You may think it’s too early to think about this, but as soon as you start building your own plan for getting from idea to launch of your business, you need to build in the ability to hand it to someone else and take a vacation. Get your ego out of the way and build a business that doesn’t necessarily need you, or at least not full time.

Because we take vacations 🙂

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