Veronica 1, Apple 0…?

Okay, so apparently Apple puts a cap on file transfers via cable from phone to computer. Why? They want you to have to purchase iCloud, which is free for 5gb. Use more and you’re paying a monthly fee. Sure, only a dollar a month to start off, but companies don’t get to force my hand. Nice try, Apple…

Enter Rambax Simple Transfer. Ten bucks, one-time fee, and it creates a network between your phone, wireless router, and computer (completely local – it doesn’t put your stuff anywhere online, which is fantastic for security). There’s a free version with limits, obviously, but the paid version is cheap enough (no subscription, which I appreciate). It’s also exceptionally smart – the creators saw an issue (Apple transfer limits) and made a really fabulous solution, pricing it at just under what a year of iCloud would cost, making it a simple choice. Beautiful model.

Well, if it works. That remains to be seen – still waiting on the download. The first file wasn’t in the right format (my fault), the second attempt isn’t doing anything yet. More soon.

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