Alright, garage is set up, lights are built, and I’ve done a bit of research on video editors. It looks like the big-name ones cause a racket with the built-in music and sound effects (licensing racket), so I think I’ll use effects I can purchase an unlimited license for a one-time cost. Some of these other ones can only be used and sold for as long as I’m paying for the video editing program, so if I were to switch to another program, I’d have to pull down my content and stop selling videos that use the sound effects. I need a theme song for intro/outro and I’m not playing their idiot licensing games…

I also bought the domain and started building my site, continued market research, and did some work on the templates I’ll use to be sure I’m covering all the needed info on my courses.

One SUPER FUN thing I did was visit San Antonio for a weekend. I walked from my hotel at the Riverwalk up to the Botanical Garden, about five miles on the route I took. The river was absolutely gorgeous in the morning, the plants along it were fantastic, and the gardens were amazing. Yep, this is what I do on vacation, y’all. #supernerd 

Anyway, I got a ton of photos for the business, including a lot that exhibit how our “house plants” would grow in the wild. They’re totally insane and fabulous.

All of that progress aside, here’s the first hiccup: we’ve gotten wind that the job my sweetie was offered last year is finally in the works. It’s an incredible opportunity, and as soon as he told me about the offer last September I said he had to take it. I’d heard the excitement in his voice when he learned about the work and just knew

Small detail: it’s also out in DC.


So! It looks like we’ll be getting him out of his house and putting the majority of his stuff in storage pretty soon. He and his kiddo will be staying with my son and I when he comes back (every 2-4 weeks for a long weekend). We won’t start the moving process until we have solid word that he’s on his way out, but apparently now it’s coming.

Cue the crazy!

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