There’s Money in the Banana Stand

Well, in this case: There’s money in house plants.

Like, literally. Last week I thoroughly decided to start this business (and in the original Latin, de caedere means “to cut off” – so to decide means you are removing all other options).

Immediately after deciding, I started finding money in plants. 


Yeah. Literally. I’m pulling a dead leaf off an aglaonema and find a couple dimes in the pot.

Next day, I’m fussing with a dracaena and find a quarter and a nickel. Two days later, a dollar bill in a fiddle-leaf fig.

This kept happening.

No joke. In five years I’ve found garbage in plants, and the occasional binky or bouncy ball, but NEVER money. Ever.

Oh hey, Universe. I see what you’re doing there…

More to come 🙂

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