Who’s the real villain?

Okay. The saga continues…

Mr. Racoony, a.k.a. Cuthbert, is completely MIA. He’s no longer able to get in and out of the crawlspace and must have found a new home. But! As we were trying to catch him, we met another local.

Meet Piglet.

Wee little Piglet is a possum, and probably the friendliest (or most miserable?) possum I’ve ever met. He’d been in this cage in the drizzle for I don’t know how long, and was pleading with me with his little possum-y eyes to be let out. I had no quarrel with him, so I complied, and he trundled away and hopped the back fence.

Since then I’ve learned two things: it’s possible to catch all manner of unintended things in a raccoon trap, and masked nighttime marauders don’t always rip apart your house to get into their hidey-hole after you block it up. We haven’t seen any evidence of Cuthbert the Raccoon since the day I surprised him.

So what the heck does this have to do with building a business? Two things!

Number 1: there’s ALWAYS something thumping around in your basement.

You can do a few things here:

  • Avoid dealing with it and allow it to impact your life (toward the end of the summer I didn’t quite know what was going on, thought something had maybe died under the house? Either way, it smelled bad and I wasn’t about to invite anyone over. This lasted an entire month before I did something about it).
  • Get all scared and run away, or burn the place to the ground (we all know someone who deals with their fears within relationships with the nuclear option. You’ve seen both of these, I guarantee it).
  • Effing DEAL WITH THE RASCAL and move on!

This last one is obviously the only one that has any logic to it. The first two are reactionary and driven solely by emotion. This isn’t brand new information though – this is something you’ve heard eight million times.

Still. Did you need to hear it again today?

If you’re anything like me, you keep overcoming fears only to find new ones. New level, new devil. What’s holding you back today? What’s your impulsive reaction to it – run? Blow it up? Ignore it?

What would it look like to deal with it – how hard will that be?

Is it hard because you’re scared? Why?

Now, what would it look like if this were easy?

Because sometimes all you need is a couple boards nailed to a hole in the ground; no stressing necessary 🙂

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