This was me this morning, looking for something to occupy my time that wasn’t building the slide deck.

I found a ‘road block’ in the form of an idea I was attached to, but didn’t know how to execute. I felt stuck. I felt swamped with all the learning-of-software that I know I’m perfectly capable of, but this one more piece of software is massively daunting, and…

…then I realized that I don’t actually need to use it!

That idea was WAY more complicated than it needed to be, and I get to throw it out if I need to – but no matter what, it doesn’t get to stall my progress. So I’m sitting there reaching for something else to pretend to work on and I slap myself silly (verbally) because I DON’T GET TO DO THAT.

What’s the ‘hard thing’ that you’re avoiding?

Stop telling yourself the story about how it’s so freaking hard and either figure out how to simplify, or just:


After the mental shakedown I got to work, knocked out some scriptwriting and created a few more slides, all the while kicking ass in the kitchen by braising chicken to make soup out of tonight.

I call that a delicious day 🙂


So, first: stop fucking around already. Do the hard thing you’re avoiding. You have zero permission for anything else 😉

Next: right now I’m at my computer right before bed because I like to open the windows I intend to work on before I’m bleary-eyed and noncommittal in my pre-coffeed state at 5am. Give me a blank window, I’ll start doing garbage online and pretend I’m working.

If I sit down and my script and slide deck are in front of me, though, where will I hide? I mean, the slide deck is LOOKING AT ME. Can’t get away; it’s like Sauron’s eye or some crap. Gotta just get to it.



Go do the thing!

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