Okay, NOW I’m tired.

I apparently didn’t know what ‘tired’ meant last month and needed to prove that to myself.
Christ. I need sleep. 


Alright, business update: I just remembered that last month I actually started filming. Working on the orchid video, but it doesn’t feel right. I’ll probably make some tweaks and do it again. A huge piece of this is finding how to get my enthusiasm about plants to translate through a lens, and I’m not quite there yet. 

Another piece of my resistance? I’m not comfortable on camera. I’ve never done the video thing before, and I gained fifteen pounds when I broke my ass at the beginning of the year. The last six weeks of craziness hasn’t lent itself to much cooking so I haven’t ditched the extra weight yet. Working out is starting to be an option, but my sacrum still hurts. This right here is just a brain dump, but I’m nervous about assholes on the internet. That’s the root of it.

Good rule for myself is to just not read the comments. Besides, others’ negativity isn’t about me anyway. Those of us ‘in the arena,’ so to speak, typically have nothing but encouragement for others. So I can’t waste time on caring.

Anyway, life update: Mr. Turbo is officially moved out, in DC, and I’m visiting over the weekend of the 4th. Also, I adopted his cat (Miss Kitty, a.k.a. Little Miss Horrible, a.k.a. Mrs. Needypants – all said with love, obv). She’s 16 (84 in cat years, according to my son), has been with Mr. Turbo for 14 years, is completely geriatric, slightly incontinent, screams at me in the middle of the night, sheds like a FIEND, likes to demand cuddles and then put hair in your eyelashes, and is basically the best cat ever.

So here I am trying to find the best place for a cat box in my tiny-ass house, buying another robot vacuum because I can NOT deal with cat litter sticking to my feet, covering all my furniture with washable pads and plastic, and loving up on this animal like crazy because despite everything, she is actually perfect.

Definition of insanity? Sure. I don’t care.

Anyway, I feel like it’s finally time to catch my breath. Except this weekend I have Mr. Nutcase (Mr. Turbo’s son, basically my step-munchkin), and he and my munchkin (The Scrum) are completely insane together. So here we go. A weekend of crazy, then a weekend with two days to maybe catch up on some stuff, then I head to DC for five days. 

Progress on the business (in little fits and spurts, accomplished with the help of my favorite local coffee shop): tweaked site copy and wrote some more, wrote up a bunch of potential headlines/writing prompts/email headers, then picked a few and wrote them up. Wrote up a few email intros to courses as well. Still tweaking the layout for info on the spotlight courses. It’s still WAY too serious – the point of this is goofiness, and to make plants accessible to anyone who wants to grow them. I’m no stuffy old lecturer. Still working on the goofiness injection.

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